ASPU First Scientific Endodontics Conference

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Wednesday, 14 June, 2023

Under the patronage of ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, Lattakia Faculty of Dentistry at the university, in cooperation with the university branch of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) , held the first scientific conference on endodontics.

The conference opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Mirna Dalala, secretary of Tishreen University Baath party branch and member of ASPU Board of Trustees, Dr. Hazem Hassan, dean of the college, deans of public and private colleges, head of the Lattakia branch of the Dental union in Syria and interested doctors, dignitaries students.

The ceremony began with observing a minute of silence for the soul of the founding leader, Hafez al-Assad, and souls of the country martyrs, followed by the Syrian national anthem.

In his speech Dr. Al-Ashkar stressed that this conference is one of a series of several activities that the university has carried out in Damascus and Lattakia and will continue to be held, and that a lot has been achieved in the infrastructure of the university, including laboratories, clinics, classrooms and offices, noting that the last of which is the 11-storey tower, which includes all equipment, and the provision of 51 modern dental chairs.

He conveyed congratulations for the university’s obtaining the first place in the unified national examination of dentistry at the country level, and the first place among private universities in the international rankings and the third at the country level among public and private universities, thanks to the efforts of the university teaching and administrative cadres.

He thanked efforts which contributed to alleviating the consequences the earthquake disaster that struck our beloved country, Syria, praising the tremendous efforts made by the university staff, including professors, administrators, technicians, and workers, including the NUSS staff for their efforts at the hosting center and the in-kind donations to those affected.

He concluded his speech with thanks and appreciation to the Syrian Arab Army sacrifices and loyalty to the leader of the country, President Bashar Al-Assad.

In his speech, the Scientific Supervisor, Dr. Adnan Al-Fada, said that this conference was accomplished thanks to the integrated efforts of all, professors and employees, and that the ultimate goal is to exchange information and scientific knowledge and raise the competence of graduates and their scientific and specialized level, thanking Al-Karam Company for sponsoring this conference.

The opening ceremony concluded with the distribution of honorary shields, followed by the scientific program of the conference.

Activities of the theoretical section of the conference included many valuable lectures. The first lecture was given by Dr. Adnan Al-Fada, entitled "Tips of cavity access and working length determination", followed by a lecture by Dr. Bassem Selim entitled (Rotary preparation basics and Rotary systems).

Dr. Wasim Khaddam gave a lecture entitled (Activation of irrigation), and the theoretical lectures for the first day were concluded with Dr. Muhammad Daher Al-Tufaili, lecture entitled (obturation of root canals and bio-ceramic sealer).

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